My mission is to offer you

beautiful pictures of nature

that will quickly become

your favorite wall art décor.

glaicer national park

I have always loved photography.

My love of photography started as a little girl. My father is an amateur photographer whose pictures got to the front page of leading magazines such as ‘Time’. My older sister is a leading photojournalist for 15 years. It was inevitable that I’ll love it as well.

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv and for the past years I live in Miami.

My love for nature, particularly animals, has led me to focus on wildlife photography. I hope you will enjoy my website and find my collection of nature pictures, wall pictures and wildlife images fits your needs, your home and taste. Dorit Kopel.

new york park
Dorit Kopel

Dorit Kopel Levintin

President & Founder

Happily married to Guy. Mother of two happy children.

I used to spend most of my time online as a website builder, Magento specialist and Marcom communications expert. In the past years I am focusing on rising my amazing Family.

Photography was always in my family. Starting with my dad, continuing to my older sister and on to me.

My first camera, a Nikon D70 was a gift from my sister. It was passed to me after serving her gracefully for several years. As my sister got her first major position as a photographer, she purchased better and newer photography equipment, and this is how I got my camera.

Taking it everywhere is how it all started. It was just before the world has changed forever with having cameras on our cellphones. So having a camera all the time with me was a great way to capture life. My greatest passion was always nature. Wild animals, bird of prey, mountains, beaches and so on.

Growing up in Israel sure made it all a lot simpler. Israel in a beautiful country with amazing views. Staring with the northern mountains, continuing to great a famous lakes, ancient cities like Jerusalem, and the deserts of the south.

Glacier national park

One of the most amazing places on earth.