My mission is to offer you

beautiful pictures of nature

that will quickly become

your favorite wall art décor.

I have always loved photography.

My love of photography started as a little girl. My father is an amateur photographer whose pictures got to the front page of leading magazines such as ‘Time’. My older sister is a leading photojournalist for 15 years. It was inevitable that I’ll love it as well.

I am 30 years old, born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I live happily with my partner Guy and our two amazing dogs Tommy and Sky.

My love for nature, particularly animals, has led me to focus on wildlife photography. I hope you will enjoy my website and find my collection of nature pictures, wall pictures and wildlife images fits your needs, your home and taste. Dorit Kopel.

Some things you will find on my website:

  • Nature wallpaper.
  • wildlife images.
  • Living room pictures.
  • Download pictures.


Dorit Kopel Levintin

President & Founder

I spend most of my time online. I am a marketing communications specialist; Providing internet marketing consultant; Magento webmaster specialist; Design and develop ecommerce websites using Magento and WordPress platforms (See I provide business consultant and development.

Sky & Tommy

Our loved family dogs.

Guy Levintin

For 12 years I designed and manufactured custom engine parts. I established “Tig-Art Design & Manufacturing Systems”, a company that developed special motors and gave solutions to military applications and to the Israeli defense industry officials. In 2011, I founded ‘Levintin Real Estate LLC’. Since then we acquire, renovate and rent residential real estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.